Established in 2008.

Our predecessor, Ngoc Ha Enterprise, was founded in 1991.


100% family owned.

Main Business Activities

- “Closed supply chain from farm to table”.
- Poultry breeding.
- Food processing.
- Consultancy services in food industry.
- Poultry and waterfowl slaughtering (fresh and frozen).
- Trading and distributing imported meat.
- Hospitality and tourism.


Total number of employees: 1200 (as at 2019).

Scale of Factory, farm and stores

As at December 2019
- 4 factories – farms and a chain of 120 farms and associated farms.
- Food store chain, with more than 25 supermarkets in HCMC and other provinces.


Pioneering by quality.

Looking after all staff members.

Creating jobs and stabilizing the economy.

Protecting the environment.

Providing products and services of the highest quality.

Everyone and every household’s companion.


Providing quality and most competitive prices.

Placing customers at the center.

Committing to strict food hygiene and safety standards.

Participating in the market stabilization Scheme.

Becoming the leading brand in producing and trading safe food, improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people.